A Review of “It’s Been Said All Along”

“It’s Been Said All Along,” which opened at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in July 2020, is an exhibit that explores the role of rock musicians and rock music in protests against racial injustice. Created in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the massive protests it inspired, the exhibit historicizes the role of rock music and musicians fighting for social justice. As the exhibit’s introductory text explains, “Musical artists have channelled the power of Rock n’ Roll to respond to racism all along.” In this post, I review and compare the physical exhibit and the digital version of the exhibit, available on the Rock Hall’s website at https://www.rockhall.com/its-been-said-all-along.

Comparing the physical and digital exhibit highlights some of the comparative strengths and limitations of these two forms. While very similar in interpretation, the two exhibits differ in their use of objects, the amount of material they include, and the extent to which they encourage audience interaction. Read the full essay to learn more!

Review of Its Been Said All Along





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